Women In Business ,North Wales Simcowithax Photography Project.

Before the world changed I was at the beginning of a super exciting personal project.

I want to showcase some of the incredible mumpreneurs & women in business in North Wales.

My inspiration came from my little muse Amelie. As some may know my daughter is 5 and completely obsessed with science and space. She has always stated that she will be an Astronaut one day and take me in her rocket to the moon. Observing this passion and drive in her really does fill my heart.

However a while back she came home from school extremely sad, for days she was not herself very subdued and just sad. I would ask regularly what was wrong and she would respond " nothing mummy, i'm fine".

Then I found her sat on her bed in her space themed bedroom just staring at her wall, I went in and asked again if she was OK. This is when she told me what was playing on her mind. Some of the children in her class had said to her that she couldn't like space or science as she was a girl. Only boys could do that.

Hearing this ,broke my heart and how much it had affected her. So I dedicated the forthcoming days to showing her videos on how incredible women are and the amazing things we can do. Our new home moto became "Girls can do anything!! "

Then I looked at myself as her role model, when I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher and I accomplished that, then I wanted to be in the arts and be creative and I did that. But I was now finding myself after 5 years of self employment becoming quite isolated and working alone all the time. Amelie thought I only captured images of babies which is true but I wanted to show her that its good to push yourself out of your comfort zone and show the amazing women in North Wales and the jobs they do everyday .

So this is where the idea came from. Capture women in their workplaces/offices/studios. Discuss how they started, what inspired them to do it and most of all show my daughter that Women can do anything !!!

I started the project in February and visited 3 wonderful businesses before this terrible pandemic broke out. I cannot express how wonderful the experience was for me, I spend most days sat at my phone or computer editing unless on a shoot. So visiting these businesses and discussing the similar issues we all face in self employment. Whilst being truly inspired by their talent and story behind their businesses. Was definitely what I needed personally and professionally .

I will start to showcase the 3 wonderful businesses over the next few weeks. There are more shoots in place for when its safe to do so and I have decided to keep the project running till next year.

This project has brought so much joy, and I really cannot wait to continue.

If you are a business or know anyone else who may want to take part, do get in touch.

Self employment is so tough & even harder if women do not support one another. My ethos has always been to be kind to others. So what better way than to support others and maybe make some new friends on the way.

But to my daughter , this is for you my darling. Mummy always has done what she does to ensure she can be the best role model for you.

All these wonderful women may have once thought they cannot do it or told they cant. But guess what ?

Girls can do anything !!!!

Do hope your all keeping safe and well , love to everyone .

Kim Xx

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