Turning 5 ! My beautiful girl.

Every year I say " How are you a year older?"

This year is no different, my best friend is now 5. Where on earth are the years going, please slow down. I am terrified that I will blink and you will be 18 . It only feels like yesterday that I was up all night rocking you to sleep as I sang to you.

How you have changed this year. You have most definitely started to find your own personality and your not afraid to voice your likes and dislikes. You are strong minded, kind , loving and very cheeky at times.

Your sense of humour is that of a 10 year old, your one liners are always perfectly timed. Leaving everyone in laughter. Creative and so unafraid to express yourself, this year has been full of outfit changes. I hope you will forever feel you can be who you want to be. You are never without a notepad and pencils, drawing some wonderful pictures or writing your own short stories.

You started Ysgol full time this year learning and becoming less dependent on us every day. That first day saw me sat in the car for nearly an hour crying as you looked so grown up and I missed having my sidekick. I still feel the same now and look forward to all the holidays and weekends, and cannot wait to pick you up at 3 each day. You've developed such great friendships . Not forgetting how amazingly proud we are off your Welsh speaking & understanding.

When asked what you want to be when you grow up, your answer every time is a Vet or an Astronaut. Your love of Space & the solar system has been huge this year. Your space bedroom is your haven. Sat everyday surrounded by your space books, i hear you go through each and every planet. Not forgetting your absolute love for the World of the War soundtrack. You have had daddy play the album everyday for the past 8 months . You and daddy spend hours learning space facts and you know so much that sometimes you tell me something and after a quick check on google, i see your completely right.

When daddy takes you to bed I love hearing you both board your rocket and countdown ready to launch into dream space. Sometimes you are even wearing your astronaut helmet. You always say when i become a spaceman mummy & daddy i will take you with me to live on the International Space station. Whenever you throw a coin in a well your wishes are to be a spaceman, or be like mummy.

Your love for knowledge is continuous, you ask questions upon questions. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions my darling, not one person can know all the answers. You really do have a deep engraved desire to understand life, the world, everything in such great detail. Visits to museums are one of your favourite days out. You and daddy love to explore and learn. This year has seen you learn to read, it still amazes me that you now see a sign or a sentence in a book and read it aloud.

You are never afraid to try new foods and this year you have become a huge fan of shellfish. Excitedly picking cockles on the beach to take home and cook. Or ordering mussels when everyone else is having a Sunday dinner ( however you do love a beef dinner).

The world is an amazing and beautiful place. But you really do make it so much more amazing. You brighten up so many peoples lives and make everyday in mine and daddies day perfect. Hearing your beautiful little singing voice, there is not a day you are not singing.

You will sit at your dressing up table one day placing glitter all over your face and every piece of jewellery you own shouting " mummy do i look beautiful?". The next day you are adorned in your climbing gear being belayed to the top of some really high climbing walls. Sometimes you are in your kitchen baking and other days in the garden looking for mini beasts. We love that you have diversity in your interests , not forgetting 123 Dive !! now only those who have been swimming with this little fish will know what this means.

Amelie, my darling darling girl.

This will be my final blog to celebrate your birthdays, as I feel now you are 5 when you are an astronaut you probably do not want your images online. So today you received your own camera, so maybe next year it will be through the eyes of my 6 year old ( oh no lets not think about turning 6, I'm an emotional wreck now)

You are the brightest star in mine and daddies universe.

Always be you and promise me to always look up at the stars and not at your feet.

We love you so so much and as one door closes to being 4 another opens at 5.

Penblwydd Hapus beautiful girl Xxxxxxxxxxx