To my muse , now your 6.

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Every year I have written a blog dedicated to you my little muse. But last year I thought it would be my last as didn't think you'd appreciate all these photographs of you. But when I asked you , you said " Yes mummy, it's fine. Shall I get my camera ?"

So we went for a walk you with your camera and me with mine.

Wow, what a year to turn 6 hey little one. Whilst us adults have found the adjustments to this pandemic tough , you have been strong, brave and truly inspiring. You know the government guidelines better than anyone, constantly reminding us about the 2 meter rule and wearing your mask just like you adorn yourself with your pretty bows and hairbands. To you the new normal has been OK , you have had moments where you have missed family and friends. But you have made our darkest days through this so much more positive.

Over the year you have grown so much and made us prouder by the day. Your love for space has continued alongside Science. You and daddy have spent many hours creating experiments, asking so many questions. Your desire to learn is incredible, you question how everything works. I find this truly inspiring , I am 38 and have never asked such questions. ''OK google'' has become your favourite person to ask questions to as you have realised mummy doesn't always know the answers. Before google it was '' Its OK mummy I will ask daddy''

You have found a love in writing and drawing and the house is filled with your pictures and stories, Once finished you then run to us proudly showing what you have done. This year you have also written many little notes to daddy and I , covered in hearts and the words I love you. I keep some with me at all times, so does daddy in his coat.

Homeschooling through this time was at first such a strange time, but we are now starting to get into are little routine. It is so precious spending this much time with you .I'm getting to see your confidence grow, your vocabulary your determination to learn . But also the bad days when you refuse point blank to pick up a pencil. But again I love your tenacity .

You have perfected bum bouncing on your trampoline, your pull ups with daddy shouting ''Look at my muscles now '' . Keyboard playing Let It go by frozen, recreating the movie in full details. Making mummy and daddy take on the roles of Olaf and Sven.

Singing allowed whenever you can , but now with full dance moves and sass like your starring in your own music video.

You and daddy time is so special and filled with Disney movies, where your both getting through the Disney channel in force. Before the restrictions weekly climbing at the beacon with tea in the cafe was a firm favourite. My goodness your fearless attitude clambering up those walls, had me sat with my heart in my mouth. As you scream '' mummy look how high I am '' waving. Going for runs around the fields with daddy and showing me how you warm up . Our yoga sessions where after 10 minutes you are using me like a climbing frame. Or taking on the role of a fitness instructor , making me copy your every move. Turning 5 really brought out your bossy side, you love telling us what to do.

You lost your first tooth this year, you were so scared and unsure. However so relieved when it came out and you drew a map on your floor so the tooth fairy knew where to find your tooth. We wrote her a letter , created a special box and had a fairy party to celebrate. You stayed up until 2 am that night determined to see her arrive, when you awoke to a glitter pillowcase and treats you screamed in excitement. But in pure Amelie style questioned how she got in without waking you up.

Your reading books now and watching you sit there reading is so magical to see. Always read though my darling, its so important and good for your mind and soul.

Dressing up has gone up a level or two you now do your own makeup and hair, which I have to say is much better than mine. Dressing as a cat ,Elsa or an astronaut is the top of the list. But the days you come down adorned in various pieces of clothing, a scarf, handbag and jewellery and stating that today your a photographer like me. Then you line up your dolls and cats and start snapping away. Its so cute to see and reminds me that you are looking up to me and daddy. You are forever teaching us to be kinder to ourselves we are your role models. You have inspired my personal photography project and you most definitely inspire and motivate daddy. You are his number 1 and he loves that you want to learn, he especially loves your questions about science and space.

I will be honest you turning 6 was the hardest, it seems like you are growing so terribly fast . It only seems like yesterday that on June 13th 2014 at 11;57 pm this little ball of dark hair was lying on my chest as I sobbed with relief and pure happiness. Everyday since I feel like I have become a better person since being your mum. But I am so scared that I will blink again and you will be off to university or to live on your own. I hope you will always class me as your bestest friend. This year you have been so affectionate, you are constantly shouting out to daddy and I and when we respond you lovingly just shout ''I love you'' upto 30 times a day. You still ask daddy for ''cuddles up'' and love to just sit stroking daddies hand when he reads to you.

As a 5 year old I witnessed you riding your bike down the Foryd free as a bird and excited over the prospect of future family bike rides, climbing mountains in Snowdonia and how proud you are when you reach the top. You love adventure and being 5 really has been that we have camped a lot in the garden of late, You have an adventure rucksack filled with binoculars, map compass and spork. Prepared for your next adventures. You regularly sit planning what and where you would like to go next. Everest is on the list. I promise my little adventurer we will do everything on your list.

We have stayed up late to stare into space, look through your telescope and talk endlessly about the solar system. You are still as determined as ever to be a Vet astronaut. Dens have been built, bug farms, pond. You have grown your own carrots, lettuces and beetroot. You love animals and really care for their welfare, watching your face when we let the butterflies go that you had grown with daddy was a memory I will forever cherish. Your kind soul checking on each one as they emerged from their chrysalis. Asking will they always remember me .

You love playing games but sweetheart you are a terrible loser , we will have to work on that this year. As not everyone wins but thats OK. Losing gives us something to work towards. Jumanji and Uno being the most played .

Being 5 has seen you question life, you have cried at the thought that one day mummy and daddy may not be here. You are such a sweet sensitive soul. You have made us promise that we shall not get older and live with you forever. I am not sure you will still feel that way when your older,

You are creative, beautiful, inspiring, kind, loving, inquisitive and most of all our absolute proudest achievement.

My darling Amelie, this year you were challenged by other children told that Girls cannot like science. This really upset you , but now you know that girls can do anything. People will sadly make you feel that sometimes you cannot achieve things, but never let others opinions or words dictate how you feel. Always be you .

Because my little muse, you are mine and daddies role model. You are truly loved by so many and the reason being you are '' Epic '' another word you have decided best describes most things of late.

On the eve of your birthday ,you lay on my arm as I cried . You grabbed my face and said '' Don't cry mummy, I will still be Mimi when I am 6'' Yes my darling you will be forever our Mimi.

We love you so much, we cannot wait to see what adventures await for your 6th year.

Penblwydd Hapus beautiful girl xxxxXXXXXXXX

Your pictures, your so talented sweetheart xx