The ultimate Family playroom. North Wales.

As soon as I saw this family climb out of their campervan, I knew this was going to be a fun shoot. The couple Janie & Ioan adorned in their beautifully handmade jumpers gifted by a family member and the most gorgeous little people. All were super excited to go on their woodland adventure.

Trees were climbed, sticks collected, birds fed and a genuine interest in how beautiful the surroundings were. Studying each tree learning their names as they went. There was so much laughter, love and energy within this family. I instantly felt like i had known them for years.

Efan became my right hand man, he also liked to chase me & throw leaves at me. Of course I joined in. Not forgetting 3 month old beautiful Eidda who was super relaxed and just enjoyed being cuddled closely by mum & dad.

It was such a joy to meet this fabulous family, hope to see you all again soon xxx

Photographer: Simcowithax Photography

Location : North Wales

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