Summer always ends with good memories. LLanrwst, North Wales

It was probably one of the hottest days I have ever photographed on, but was one of my most memorable shoots.

Welcomed into a gorgeous home I had the great pleasure of joining in this wonderful families garden fun. We watered their special apple tree that had just been planted, played hide & seek, swings, bubbles and lots more. It was an afternoon filled with giggles, chasing one another and Imogen so excited to show me all her lovely things.

Looking through the lens I observed pure warmth, affection and LOVE , lots of love. Imogen is most definitely this lovely couples world and every picture showed this. In fact I don't think I need to explain anymore as I think the images say it all.

As you know I am always teary when editing your special images, but i am not afraid to admit I sobbed editing this family. Their bond was so sweet and reminded me a lot of how my bond is with my little girl.

Thank you so much Michael, Claire & Imogen for welcoming me into your home and capturing your summer moments XxX

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