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If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Pot Jam in Menai Bridge, then you would already be aware of how wonderful their afternoon teas were.

Nia and her late father always dreamt of opening their own cafe serving beautiful welsh produce . When Nia's father sadly passed away Nia decided to go ahead and create their life dream.

Pot Jam was a huge success then 2020 happened. As we all know this year has been a roller coaster for many especially small businesses. Nia also has 3 young children, so with the ongoing support and guidance of her husband they made the tough choice to close Pot Jam and focus on what is so important "Family".

But not to put a stop to the dream Pot Jam Bach was born. Throughout these turbulent strange few months. Nia has continued to create and bake delicious and beautifully presented afternoon teas. Delivered to your door by Nia's super lovely husband.

Not only was this family dealing with Lockdown, raising 3 small children, homeschooling . But building a new business. Wow !! Nia I know your children will be in pure admiration of why Pot Jam started and why you chose to diversify and create Pot Jam Bach. You are most definitely an inspirational Women in Business.

I had the pleasure of not only taking away some of Pot Jam Bach's amazing bakes. My heart was filled with the reasons behind the business and Nia's work ethos. We all work so hard to achieve our dreams, but never forget how equally important family life is.

Please do visit Pot Jam Bach on their Facebook/Instagram page.

Diolch Nia Xx

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