Marc & Catie -Love will conquer all. Anglesey.

So today, I have the great honour in capturing this beautiful couples big day.

Catie and Marc have proven that love will conquer all.

They have planned their wedding for years, but no planning prepared them for 2020.

Venues changed, numbers amended, reception cancelled, honeymoon cancelled, masks in the church. The list is endless.

Yet when I met Catie and her mum in the church .Catie said " It doesn't matter about all the plans, I just want to be Marc's wife" .

Those words filled my heart , it was so wonderful to hear that this year had taught them what many have already forgotten. Life is precious, hold onto the ones you love and cherish them . Nothing else really matters, we can party and celebrate soon.

A few weeks back we went on a beach walk, it was obvious how much Catie and Marc adore one another. They laughed and told me endless stories of their travels and adventures together.

I cannot wait to witness through my lens their amazing day. This is the start of your next big adventure guys.

I have my tissues ready ( you know I will cry ) .


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