Happy 10th Business Birthday Lora Wyn Penblwydd busnes hapus yn 10 oed Lora Wyn.

Meeting super creative and talented local business women in North Wales is so inspiring. Last week I had the pleasure in visiting Lora Wyn's new jewellery studio where she creates her beautiful pieces.

We chatted like we had known each other forever, giggling over our business weaknesses and realising that we are all just doing an awesome job. Even if we do spend far to long scrolling through Instagram/Tik Toks and thinking

" Should I be doing that ?".

Well Lora you definetly do not need to worry as tomorrow, she celebrates 10 years in business. This is an amazing achievement ! Being self employed is a super tough gig , 24/7 self marketing, creating, designing, admin ...the list is endless. Lora has proven that even a pandemic can not stop her . Her work speaks for itself, such beautifully enamelled pieces that are a great accessory for any outfit and any season.

For many years I have seen Lora's work worn by many locally. If you do not own a piece then you must check out Lora ( all details below) She also has great treats to celebrate her amazing 10 year milestone.

Penblwydd Hapus Lora Wyn !! Xx

Website : www.lorawyn.com

Instagram :www.instagram.com/lorawyn/

Facebook :www.facebook.com/gemwaithlorawyn

Location : North Wales

Photographer @Simcowithaxphotography 2021

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