Beach Days = Fun Days, Anglesey.

So as we enter July, I thought I would blog about a family I recently captured on the magical island of Anglesey.

The sun shone for this years beach minis and this family truly made the sun shine more.

I was welcomed by the friendliest of families, full of instant smiles and excitement for their shoot. Not forgetting the planned ice-creams for after.

I instantly made a friend Ziva who is 6 ,became my instant shadow this little Metallica fan was an absolute sweetheart and truly beautiful. She loved her little sister and at every opportunity grabbed her hand to lead her to the sea, where they jumped the waves. These summer time moments I never get bored of observing. Hearing their little giggles and squeals when the cold sea water hits their feet #beautifulmoments.

Grandad Perotti also came for a beach day and watching his girls all look at him with such admiration was heartwarming. They truly adored him. To watch a family through a lens is always a privilege as I think sometimes we don't realise how wonderful we are until seen through someone else's eyes.

This family was so full of fun, love & laughter and just so cool, I would have spent the entire day with them.

Thankyou Grandad Perotti, Ellen, David, Ziva & Aya for such a wonderful morning, keep jumping those waves as a family xxx

Photographer : Kim Simcox @ Simcowithaxphotography

Location : Anglesey,N Wales.

#familymemories #beachdays #lifestylephotographer

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