Autumn Mini's -What to wear.

Yay, so its nearly time for the Autumn mini shoots.

For those who have booked I always get asked what do I wear, so I thought I would write a little blog on some inspiration. Before I start , my keyboard has decided to die on me today. So I cannot place question marks, explanation marks or closed brackets. So grammatically this may read terribly .

The key to any shoot is ..................BE YOURSELF....................

Please do not try to reinvent you and your families look before the shoot, as this will just make you will feel uncomfortable. The shoots are about capturing authentic, natural, real life images that encapsulate true emotions and family life. I am not looking at what you are wearing, just your wonderfulness.

Autumn colours are so beautiful, yellows,reds,browns, oranges. The weather can be unpredictable,wet, cold windy . Sometimes even sunny . So ensuring that you dress appropriately for this is so important. So here we go here are some ideas and guidance notes on what to wear to your Autumn mini shoots.

1. What colours to wear.

It is always quite a good idea to plan your outfits ahead of time, lay them out on the bed. Also encourage little ones to be involved in this part , it gets them a little more excited about the shoot.

Choosing 3-4 base colours that compliment one another is a great starting point. You don't have to all wear the same colours but have a selection of these tones in your choices. Autumn colours mean you can have pale pastel colours to more deep tones .

Personally for the season I would avoid a lot of black or bright neon colours. This can clash. Below are some potential colour palettes, also please look at previous autumn mini shoots for inspiration.

2. Be Prepared

This time of year can be very unpredictable, so come prepared for the weather. Footwear that can be worn on wet leaves,grass, potential puddles. Wellingtons or boots can be worn.

Layering is a great idea so you have a choice to layer more or less. Hats, scarfs, gloves, jackets , woolly cardigans, gilets all great options.

Maybe for little ones if weather has been a little wetter than normal a spare pair of clothes if you plan on going anywhere else after your shoot.


So most importantly as previously mentioned be yourself. These images are a forever memory of this beautiful season and you guys having fun in it. Do not worry to much about what your wearing just be comfortable.

I cannot wait to see you all soon, any questions do get in touch.

Kim Xx

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