4.. How on earth are you 4 already

My precious girl,

You are growing up so quick, but you will always be my baby !

After our bedtime story and chat about your day. I lay next to you as you sing, your love for music and singing grows as you do. You have grown so much this year you can write your name, you use a wider vocabulary than me and dysgu Cymraig. This year has been so much fun.  Your ability to remember EVERYTHING down to the finest detail. You question everything and your imagination is just wonderful. I hope you will forever see the magic in everything.

I am looking around your bedroom its so grown up. Your dressing up rail, books, pictures. It only seems like yesterday that I stood in this same room looking at a cot, tiny freshly laundered clothes hanging in a small wardrobe. Whilst I placed my hand on my tummy feeling you wriggle and kick. But now you are turning 4 !! How are you 4 already, why is this all going so fast.

It has been such an emotional transition from 3-4 , you started preschool. You were stood their in your uniform and I sobbed.

" Why are you crying mummy ? "

The reason my darling is seeing you in your uniform made me realise, that my bestest friend was about to start a whole new section of life. That you were no longer a baby but a little girl. Your 1st day was such a big thing and you made me so proud, you walked straight in and waved. Whilst I sat in the car sobbing AGAIN!! and even now I still feel sad when I leave you.

No 2 days are ever the same with you, your humour & cheekiness has certainly developed. But so has your caring, beautiful nature, you are always hugging daddy or me, telling us you love us. The best is at night time when you whisper

" Love you, you will be forever in my heart" melts me every time.

But then....... we do get HANGRY Amelie. We have realised that when you are hungry you turn into a gremlin and you change dramatically, But growing up is hard and controlling our emotions is really tough so we understand.

You are like a sponge, you absorb everything. Daddy is like a walking google and you love learning. Most people panic when their little ones fall quiet, I pop my head around your door and you are there reading your books.

Being outdoors and adventuring is such a huge part of your childhood. Bouldering (climbing) has become a huge love of yours, you are most definitely like your daddy. With a love for Belle & Sebastian and Landrovers. You ask every week if you can go diving, daddy has promised that when your 5. Many parents cannot wait for their little prodigies to reach milestones, I try not to focus on them as it feels I am wishing time away, when every minute with you is just precious.

I could never have imagined I’d have a child with such personality and with so much energy and little diva tendencies. Hand on the hip, hand waving in the air. You already have such a strong mindset, when you like something you love it when you don't you will let us know.

Mummy & Mimi days are so precious & expensive, as I take items out of shopping trolleys items are appearing. You chatter chatter putting a smile on everyone's face. You sing your heart out in the back of the car.

Earlier in the year the song " Feel it still" was playing in the kitchen, as always mummy thought she was on Top of the Pops ( I know you have no idea what this show is ) and you walked in and we danced and sang. It has now become a regular thing if the song is played anywhere, we will both freeze , smile at one another and dance.

You are so helpful, when ever mummy or daddy ask you to help " Yes of course! " you respond and off you go . Even down to DIY " Get the tools daddy, we can do this"

You adore your friends and family, you are so lucky to have some truly wonderful people who love and cherish you as much as we do. Your best friend and surrogate brother Archie, whenever we talk about boys at school. You quickly state " I do not want to play with the boys at my school, as they are not fun Archie is my friend " then their is Cody who is like your little calmness you and him can just play for hours. Then their is your partner in crime and cousin Marnie Rae, everyday you will say " Marnie would like this, id like to see Marnie, I love Marnie" your bond is so beautiful and we hope you will forever be so close.

Movie nights with popcorn is one of your favourite family activities and this year Mary Poppins, Cars, Pete's Dragon and many many more older Disney movies have been some of your favourites. Mary Poppins soundtrack is played regularly with accompanying disco lights, of course. You sing every word, and dance around the front room shouting " can you do this move mummy, look at my skills" . Watching you sing away to Mary Poppins fills my heart as when you were in mummy's tummy i would sing " stay awake" and still do now.

You my gorgeous little girl , You are my world! without you I would not be doing what I do. You made me stop, observe, love so intensely and develop patience ( alot of patience). I cannot wait to see how this year unfolds. But I know its going to be filled with laughter, fun and maybe the odd Hangry meltdown.

As I say to you every morning before school

" Be Good, Be Kind, Be Yourself "

Love you so so so much XxXxXX

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