Meeting super creative and talented local business women in North Wales is so inspiring. Last week I had the pleasure in visiting Lora Wyn's new jewellery studio where she creates her beautiful pieces.

We chatted like we had known each other forever, giggling over our business weaknesses and realising that we are all just doing an awesome job. Even if we do spend far to long scrolling through Instagram/Tik Toks and thinking

" Should I be doing that ?".

Well Lora you definetly do not need to worry as tomorrow, she celebrates 10 years in business. This is an amazing achievement ! Being self employed is a super tough gig , 24/7 self marketing, creating, designing, admin ...the list is endless. Lora has proven that even a pandemic can not stop her . Her work speaks for itself, such beautifully enamelled pieces that are a great accessory for any outfit and any season.

For many years I have seen Lora's work worn by many locally. If you do not own a piece then you must check out Lora ( all details below) She also has great treats to celebrate her amazing 10 year milestone.

Penblwydd Hapus Lora Wyn !! Xx

Website :



Location : North Wales

Photographer @Simcowithaxphotography 2021

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Seven years ago I saw your face and instantly thought this is it .Whatever happens you come first. So this year I put this promise into practice more than ever.

Mummy & Daddy decided to continue to homeschool as you were struggling with anxiety and confidence issues and seemed so deeply unhappy with school.

At first I struggled as I felt that I was not conforming to the norm of sending you off at 9:00 am like every other mother and their child. I personally loved primary education so thought I maybe just being overprotective. But then remembered all my teacher training and observations in previous jobs. Sometimes school is not for everyone and if I can offer you something else untill you feel ready then I will move the earth to ensure I can. Balancing self employment, being your mum and now full time teacher has not been easy.

People have questioned our reasons and looked in their polite dissaproving ways. But they didn't watch you sob every day refusing to leave or how you would cry on a Sunday evening knowing the next day was Monday. As a parent observe your super bright spark start to dull and effect your confidence.

So I commited to my decision and we have worked so hard together creating a daily routine. Yes sometimes I cry and sometimes you do, but we have achieved so very much. I have never seen you as happy as you have been this year. Your confidence has grown, you love reading Roald Dahl books infact any books you are a real bookworm. Every year I mention how bright you are , but my goodness you have shone this year. I spend most days in pure admiration of you. You shine brighter each day. You are so technically minded now completing programming with daddy and whilst writing this you have just built your own computer. I still do not even know what is in a computer :) I know Daddy is so so proud he could burst that you love all the things he does.

I think what I admire most about you my darling is that you can do anything, you are fearless and brave. This year of being yourself you truly know what you like and dont like without feeling pressurised to be something else. You know your not keen on Barbies and dolls but more climbing and diving. You like dressing up and singing and performing. But love to sit quietly and read to yourself or write one of your many stories.

This year you wanted to try on mummies wedding dress, so I said yes. I will never forget your face when you put it on you radiated such joy. You looked in the mirror and said "wow!! I look like a princess, but Im never getting married " . You then asked me to wear it so I did, you cried and said mummy I love you , you look beautiful. We both had a little cry and went to get cake ( not in the dress ). That moment will stay with me for the rest of my life as I have never seen you look at me that way before.

You come to me or daddy with almost everything. When your worried, when you need help, when you feel scared or just need reassurance. I hope you always know whatever life throws your way or whatever big emotions you feel . That we will be here for you always to help, guide and protect you .

This year you have been cat obsessed or as you say when anyone comments on your love for cats " Im actually a feline enthusiast" you love writing cat stories and currently you have written nine cat books with full illustrations. Photography is still a passion and you love going out with your camera and now video recording making your own nature shows with full commentary.

Every minute is filled with singing and dancing, the shower, in bed, on the trampoline you sing everywhere . From Red hot chilli peppers to Billy Joel to music in the charts. Music really does have a huge impact on you and you love it.

Your love of animals has extended to your new best friend Laika, you guys spend hours playing outdoors . But also horses and watching Spirit and every penny you recieve you pop in your piggy bank as you are saving for your own farm where you can have your own barns with horses.

You got your first proper diving suit this year and you and daddy love going out into the sea, watching your confidence in the water is so inspiring you are such a mermaid. You love everything about the sea and understand the dangers , which you happily educate your friends about.

This year you have continued your strong friendships with Alaw & Hannah hearing you girls giggle and play is just wonderful. Your complete admiration for your cousin Marnie and watching you girls sit like grown women having a good old chat about everything. Not forgetting Cody & Archie where the boy girl teasing has started but you all love each other so dearly. I love that you have such special bonds.

Harry Potter is a big love also this year you wake up super early to run to daddy snuggle in bed to read whats happening next. You hang on every word and then come to tell me whats happened. Its so adorable.

Seven is a strange time as your mummy, I can start to see the flickers of the teenager you may become. You show signs of some sassy behaviour. We have had some slamming doors and real rollercoaster emotions. It scares me, I am not afraid to admit as I am struggling to see you as a little girl, you are still my tiny baby. I tear up all the time when i get lost in images and videos of years gone by, Being your mummy has been the hardest but best experience of my life and it seems to get quicker by the days. But every year i grow a deeper love of the little person you are becoming.

Your kindness, sassy and sometimes arguementative behaviours will all lead to big things i know.

Like every year since you were born at 11:57 pm.Last night I lay next to you whilst you slept and kissed you on your head the exact moment you were born seven years ago and the first thing I did.

For the rest of my days and as long as you allow I want you to start your next year of adventure knowing how much i love you.

My little darling, you be you!! continue to shine and be brave enough to say no to what you dont like and grab for what you do love. Never be afraid .

Mummy & Daddy love you so much XxXxxx

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Back in October I had the great honour in capturing Catie & Marc's special day.

A day we were not sure would happen, till the final hour.

2020 has been such a rollercoaster of a year for everyone, but imagine planning a wedding. This amazing couples plans changed every day. Their dreams of how they initially thought their big day would be, were taken away month by month. New guidelines and restrictions meant that guest numbers were lowered, honeymoon rescheduled, reception plans cancelled ,compulsory masks, no singing . Gosh ! the list was endless.

But Catie and Marc firmly kept saying they will go ahead as long at the regulations allow. They were willing to make the changes, they just wanted to be husband and wife. What a truly wonderful platform to start their journey as Mr & Mrs not even a global pandemic could get in the way of their love for one another.

I arrived at Catie's family home to witness the preparation stages. Catie was so calm and so full of happiness with a little dash of disbelief that it was actually really happening. I think the weeks of uncertainty had made her believe this day may never be possible. But here she was looking absolutely radiant and surrounded by her family bubble.

The measures that were put in place to ensure everyone's safety was amazing. Everyone involved took their responsibility so serious, as everyone had the same goal.

Ensure these two get married.

The ceremony was held at Ct Cedol's Church, Pentir. This parish means a lot to Catie and her family. Her grandfather was the parish priest and her parents were married at the church. On this special day what better way to continue the family connections but for her auntie to conduct the ceremony.

Observing Catie's auntie who's face throughout the ceremony radiated such pride and love for her niece. Had me struggle at times to hold back the tears, this intimate ceremony had so much love . Everyone knew that this marriage was true love and that their marriage would be everlasting.

Even though so many amendments and changes were made, there was still some beautiful details. The grooms party wore dinosaur themed ties. Red carnation flowers were in the bouquets, Catie's grandfathers favourite flower. The exact amount of flower bouquets in the church to then lay on loved ones graves afterwards. Not forgetting the organist playing Lord of the Rings , another moment I could not hold back the tears. This couple wanted a quirky, fun wedding that reflected their relationship and their respect and love for their families. They still managed to do so even under the circumstances.

It was so difficult to not be emotional when capturing this special day, however my mask was there to catch the tears. I wish Catie and Marc so much love in their journey as Mr & Mrs and cannot wait to celebrate again with them next year. With all those who sadly could not attend.

I would like to say a heartfelt thankyou to Catie & Marcs family whom were so wonderful to me throughout the day . But an even bigger thankyou to all who took part in making this special day happen.

Videographer ; Kim Ritters

Decoration/Stationary: The Bespoke Co, The Hessian Shack

Reception Venue: Bethesda Rugby Club

Hair: Kelvin Lloyd-Roberts

Accessories: Star-crossed beauty

Makeup: Alexandra Jones

Cake: Ian Williams

Flowers: Blodau Linda

Vintage Car: Newborough Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars

Dress & Shoes: Emma Phillips Bridal Studio, Rainbow Club

Suit & Shoes: Slaters Menswear, Next Shoes

Rings: Sara Lois Jewellery

Vicar: Carol Roberts (Catie's auntie)

Favours: Carol and Dafydd (Auntie & Uncle)

Organist: Iwan Wyn Williams

Singer (Recording): Catrin Williams

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