About Your Session {What to Expect}

Lifestyle Newborn

    "Home is where the heart is "

All Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are taken at your family

home. I will be with you 1.5-2 hrs, sessions are calm

& natural without any posing, as I capture

those tender moments between your                         

family and your baby. This special time really does go 

so fast, so capture these real life moments. Baby in 

their nursery, special gifts , siblings, pets , nains & Taids,

These sessions are recommended to take place within

the first 14 days after birth, However with these style of

shoots a newborn shoot can take place upto 8 

weeks of age.


Lifestyle Newborn shoots, reasons to choose :

1,  Flexibility in scheduling session ( anytime up to 8 weeks)

2. Everyone gets to be in the pictures

3. Your home will put siblings at ease as they are in their own safe, relaxed backdrop. 

4. Mummy & Daddy can take a rest whilst I  take individual baby shots.

5.Imagine a relaxed photo session with no need to get everyone out of the house, or arrive at a certain time. 

6. Opportunity to tell the real story of this precious time through a timeless selection of images.

Tell your story from the beginning 

Family & Children

Most of my family & children shoots are done outdoors,

but that doesn't mean I cannot come to your home,

a family members home or special place. 


Shoots are fun and relaxed, a walk, picnic, paddle ,bubbles, 

beach day everything that keeps little ones happy.

As a mum to a very energetic pre-schooler, I know

sometimes we have to become a Dragon or a magical fairy

before any pictures can be taken. 

These shoots are wonderful and I always leave feeling like

a new family member. 

The best time of day to do outdoor sessions is typically in the few hours before sunset or in the couple of hours following sunrise.This does not mean that I never do sessions at time other than these, but I am aware that these time lend themselves to finding some beautiful light and I usually strive for that.

These sessions are great if made more personal, so I always ask if you have a favourite family spot or little ones bring their favourite toys. 

Your family story